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Design & Development

The major challenges in product design are concept development, robust design application, product validation and continuous scope of product modification. Lantratech uses the latest software, which goes beyond the 3D CAD software and offers a unique digital product experience.

Product design relies on the ability of design engineers to quantify the performance of each element of a given system. Lantratech professional team gives clients access to cost effective engineering analysis and modeling expertise for product design. We provide mechanical engineering calculation and modeling for design, qualification and acceptance purposes.

Design Consultant


Lantratech offers competitive and effective design consultancy services. Our experience in mechanical design and its associated challenges in a broad range of applications allow us to provide detailed design insight as well as our world-class engineering analysis capability.




  • Performance Modeling
  • Component sizing & Selection
  • Dynamic System Design
  • Control System Design
  • System Identification
  • System Optimization

Hand Calculation

The preparation of detailed engineering calculations and substantiation documentation is a critical aspect of any engineering design project. Detailed design performance and sizing calculations are vital to ensure the rapid convergence of the design to a physically viable solution. Detailed calculations of structural strength and performance must be completed as part of the product acceptance and qualification procedure for new products.

Lantratech provides

  • Design & Sizing Calculation
  • Performance Calculation
  • Structural Calculation
  • Loading Calculation
  • Mechanical Element Sizing
  • Thermal & Fluid Dynamic Calculation
  • General Mathematical Modeling
  • Design Methodology Development

Design Optimization

Lantratech provides high-level stress analysis and multi-disciplinary simulation across the mechanical engineering sector. We have accumulated a significant amount of experience in the latest technologies and processes employed across the engineering industry. Busy engineering organizations don't always have the time or resources to review progress made in other industry sectors that could benefit their products.

Lantratech provides up-to-the-minute knowledge of engineering technology, processes and developments to all of its clients. We offer a range of design analysis services including Mechanical Design Optimizations, FEA optimizations and CFD Optimization.

Mechanical Design Optimization involves the analysis and optimization of the whole design for a given product or system. This process allows us to introduce new methods, technologies and processes to established products based on best practices from across the mechanical engineering sector.

Lantratech Provides

Mechanical Design Optimization

  • Size & Weight reduction
  • Energy Efficiency increase
  • Cost reduction
  • New Technology Integration
  • Digital control system integration

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