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While more attention is given to transportation on paved roadways for transportation, locomotion over unprepared terrain still plays a significant role globally in a wide range of industries. These include farming, construction, logging, mining, exploration, recreation, cross-country transportation and military operations.

Since the core strength of LANTRATECH is product development using CAD/CAE solutions, we help our clients virtually understand their progress from concept to production. This minimizes production lead-time with increased quality and decreased cost.

Our Services
Product Design SolutionsProduct Engineering SolutionsProduct Manufacturing SolutionsProduct Management Solutions

Equipment Segments

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Forestry equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Lawn movers

Domain Expertise

  • Base engine design
  • Critical components design
  • Hydraulic system design
  • Chassis, body, boom and arms
  • Track drive system augers
  • System design and analysis
  • Casting, cabling and piping routing
  • CAB and interiors design
  • Structural and CFD simulations
  • Material selection
  • Performance and durability testing

On/Off Shore Facility

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