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If technology continues to evolve at the current pace, automotive design and engineering could become completely paperless within a short span of time. Some forty percent of development time for a complete vehicle can be cut through wider application of CAD/CAE. CAD/CAE give engineers the opportunity to play with their ideas without making expensive prototype parts.

LANTRATECH has a group of technical experts with specific international experience working with automakers as well as tier 1 and tier 2 makers. We are recognized experts in research and development as well as conceptual design, Finite Element Engineering (FEA), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Product Management.

Our Services
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Segments Parts
Body and Chassis Body and Chassis, BIW, Interiors, Exteriors, Seating, Vehicle packaging, Sheet metal components and plastic – molded parts
Engine & Exhaust system Fuel delivery system and products such as pistons, piston rings, engine valves, carburetors, diesel-based fuel delivery systems, HVAC and Exhaust systems
Drive Transmission and Steering Gears, Powertrain, Wheels, Steering systems, Axis and Clutches
Suspension and Breaking system Brakes, Brake assemblies, Leaf springs, Shock absorbers, Brake linings
Electrical system Electrical & Wire harness, Electronics, Generators, Starter motors and spark plug.

Domain Expertise

Product Development Service FEA Domain CFD Domain
Concept Design Meshing and Model Build External Aerodynamics
Component Design & Development Thermal and Stress Analysis Under hood air flow
Tolerance Stack-up Analysis Linear and Non-Linear Analysis-Remove NVH & Acoustic Analysis Engine Coolant System
Value Engineering Crash Analysis Induction system
Teardown and Benchmarking CAE-Test Correlation Engine calculation-In-cylinder flow, Mixing, Combustion studies
Knowledge Based Engineering Knowledge Based Engineering Passenger comfort including HVAC system, Demisting
Supplier Quality Engineering   Intake and Exhaust system studies
Reverse Engineering   Knowledge Based Engineering
Digital Mockup    
Knowledge Based Design    

On/Off Shore Facility

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